Furniture Manufacturer

Location: San Diego

Industry: Manufacturing

Product: Cogeneration, Solar and Controls

Total Savings: $120,000/year

• Automated Microgrid that maximized Savings and Efficiency
• Scalable solution from 100kW to 5MW+
• Reduced Operational cost with continual monitoring of performance

A fine furniture manufacturer located in San Diego, CA  selected Regatta Solutions and Agave® Systems to retro commission their 120kW cogeneration system that had been in operation for over 10 years. Regatta updated the microturbines, added 90kW rooftop solar, and implemented an automated Microgrid controller.

Agave® Systems is providing control of the Microgrid assets and automatically adjusts the cogeneration output based on solar production, heating, cooling, and electrical needs of the facility. Agave® is providing real-time monitoring of the equipment and energy cost to optimize the operation and maximize savings. Agave® provides data on energy usage and along with the ability to review current and past performance to better understand a facility's energy profile.