Industry: Medical/Healthcare

Product: Agave® Systems Analytics Suite, Supply Module, EVOLUTION™ Controller

Total Savings: $50,000 annual

"I have two control screens in my Central Plant- my building management system provides alerts on equipment problems that need to be fixed and my EVOLUTION™ dashboard provides alerts on energy savings opportunities."- Central Plant Manager

Regatta Solutions installed a Combined Colling Heating and Power (CCHP) Systems at Adventist Health White Memorial as a high-efficiency on-site generation solution to reduce utility electric costs required for facilities loads and chilled water for cooling.
White Memorial missed their first-year SHIP incentive payment because they did not have a notification system alerting them at their cogeneration system data acquisition system was reporting efficiency performance below program requirement levels.
Agave® Systems deployed an on-site EVOLUTION™ Controller at the integrated on-site metering equipment with its cloud-based Virtual Energy Manager software package in the middle of year 2 to analyze system performance identify non-compliance with efficiency requirement, and alert the client to take corrective action.

White Memorial was able to achieve 50% of their incentive payment for year 2 and is on track to receive 100% incentive payment for year 3.

Agave® Systems was able to provide our Virtual Energy Manager software with an on-site EVLOUTION™ Controller to help White Memorial receive their annual SGIP incentive payment. Cogeneration systems can be complex with monitoring of electric utility, intelligent dispatch of engines, and production of thermal energy, in order to maximize overall system efficiency and utility savings. We at Agave® Systems have developed the tools required to may any client successful with operations of their cogeneration system. Our experience with metering equipment enables us to identify the appropriate measurement points and meters. We then integrate dispatch based on your facility operations, alerts when equipment is failed or not meeting performance specifications, and data acquisition to our cloud-based database for performance analytics. Our web-based Virtual Energy Manager Software tool is then able to track key metrics as Cogeneration Production (kWh), Availablity (kWh/kWp), Cogeneration Savings (Electricity savings, cogen fast cost, thermal savings, maintenance costs), System Efficiency, Greenhouse Gas Rate (kgCO2/MWh), and Greenhouse Gas Reduction (MTCO2). For White Memorial, it is the measurement of Cogeneration Production and Greenhouse Gas Rate that helped them meet SGIP requirements. We are pleased to have been a part of the solution and see White Memorial meet operational and financial objectives with their cogeneration system. This is a great example of how Agve® Systems bridges the gap between Facilities Managers and CFOs.