Luxury Resort

Industry: Hospitality

Product: Agave® Systems Analytics Suite, Supply Module, EVOLUTION™ Controller

Total Savings: $60,000 annual 

• The client installed a Combined Heating and Power (CHP) System at a luxury hotel in Palm Springs over 12 years ago. The aging infrastructure required new controls capability to ensure/measure and control high efficiency for on-site generation output in order to reduce utility energy costs required for facility electric loads as well as pool heating, spacing heating, and domestic hot water thermal loads.

Hotel management had no notification system alerting them that their cogeneration system was not effective, and meet required operating standards. The Agave® System suite of products resolved this issue.

Agave® Systems deployed an on-site EVOLUTION™ Controller that integrated on-site metering equipment with its cloud-based Virtual Energy Manager software package to analyze system performance, identify low-efficiency performance, alert the client to take corrective action, and provide economic justification for system improvements.

Riviera Hotel is able to achieve cost savings of over $60,000 per year through demand charge avoidance and thermal energy savings.


Agave® Systems Virtual Energy Manager software as a service combined with the Agave® EVOLUTION™ Controller provides this hotel with management control of their central plant equipment including its CHP systems, Boilers, Pumps, and associated heating equipment. In addition, the system provides real-time economic reporting on the actual utility cost of each of the systems. The system provides monitoring of electric utility, intelligent dispatch of engines, and production of thermal energy, in order to maximize overall system efficiency and utility savings. Agave® Systems is helping this client successfully operate its central plant. The integration point for the system is the EVOLUTION™ Controller which provides intelligent dispatch based on the facility operations, alerts when equipment is failed or not meeting performance specifications, and data acquisition to our cloud-based database for performance analytics. The web-based Virtual Energy Manager software tool is then able to track key metrics such as Cogeneration Production (kWh), Availability (kWh/kWp), Cogeneration Savings (electricity savings, cogen gas cost, thermal savings, maintenance cost), System Efficiency, Greenhouse Gas Rate (kgCO2/MWh), and Greenhouse Gas Reduction (MTCO2).