Why Agave®

Agave® is Your Mission Control System

American corporations waste an estimated 30% of the energy delivered to their facilities every year. That equates to approximately $120 billion in energy waste, each and every year!

With challenges like rising energy costs, increased reporting requirements from federal and state-level government, and increasing pressure on our environment, effective energy management could help you drive 3% to 9% gross profit – each year.

Most companies don’t waste energy on purpose, they just don’t know how to track energy usage or have the time and resources to effectively manage their energy usage for optimal savings. That’s where the Agave®  software comes in.

The Agave® software simplifies the data analysis task and establishes an automated process to manage your energy usage and expense.

Agave® is the only solution available that integrates all utility systems in one place for concise analysis and control.

Our software shows you where opportunities to improve energy efficiency and increase profitability.

It will constantly monitor your facilities’ performance to alert staff of new opportunities to reduce waste.

Translate overwhelming data into easy, cost-saving actions.