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Our SaaS platform is the only solution that integrates all utility systems in one place.

How we make a difference

Measure Savings

Hold your vendors accountable for their performance with clear and measurable data

Understand Usage

Understand and reduce your demand charges

Validate Billing

Audit your electric usage to identify billing errors and refund opportunities

Predictive Analytics

Predict your high energy usage and redirect power, and watch your profitability grow

Virtual Energy Manager

24x7 facility monitoring that alerts staff of new opportunities to reduce waste

Sustainability Reporting

Easily comply with reporting requirements like EnergyStar, Green House Gas, and EIA

The Problem

Commercial and industrial energy consumers today face ever-changing utility tariff rate structures and the challenges presented by these erratic charges. Unpredictable energy costs not only impact a company’s bottom line but create uncertainty around budgeting and profit forecasting. Furthermore, demand charges can be significant—at times more than 40% of a facility’s energy bill. A recentDepartment of Energy study indicates that in 2018 commercial and industrial (C&I) energy users in the US spent over $60 billion on these additional costs.

Energy consumers often feel that they have little control over the demand rate charges that inflate their bills. They lack data, which leaves them in the dark as to when and why they’re being charged. Delayed billing compounds the issue, since invoices don’t arrive for 45 to 60 days following a demand event. Without a process in place to audit utility bills, validate usage charges, and contest unwarranted costs, many energy consumers overspend by blindly paying the bill.

Our Impact

The Agave® Systems software will arm you with the business intelligence to make better financial decisions.

Plus, you will not need to do it alone.

Our team of experts will help you analyze your energy data and operational processes to recommend efficiency improvements. 

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