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Asset Management with Agave® Systems

Agave Systems provides an indispensable suite of tools for Asset Managers, designed to optimize the performance and efficiency of microgrid assets. Our platform delivers comprehensive data collection, performance reporting, and real-time monitoring capabilities, ensuring that asset managers are equipped to maintain and enhance the productivity and sustainability of their energy assets.

Asset Manager Solar Asset Management

Solar Asset Management

Agave Systems offers advanced tools for the meticulous tracking and analysis of solar energy assets. From monitoring solar panel output to analyzing inverter performance and integrating weather data, Agave provides a comprehensive solution to maximize the return on investment for solar installations. Our platform enables proactive maintenance, performance optimization, and financial analysis, ensuring that solar assets contribute significantly to the portfolio’s sustainability and profitability.

Asset Manager Renewable Energy Credits and 
Contract Monitoring

Renewable Energy Credits and 
Contract Monitoring

Agave excels in tracking renewable energy credits and Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits, providing a granular view of asset performance. Our platform also facilitates the comprehensive monitoring of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and Energy Services Agreements (ESAs), equipping managers with crucial data to mitigate project risks. Customizable alerts and analytics support timely, informed decision-making to maximize project success and investment returns.

est Practice Energy Management Real Time Alerts

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

With Agave’s advanced alert system, managers are immediately notified of issues affecting asset performance, such as soiled solar panels or inverter malfunctions. This prompt notification enables swift actions to rectify issues, maintaining or enhancing asset efficiency. Real-time monitoring is essential for optimizing site performance and maximizing energy productivity.

Asset Manager Advanced Integration for CHP and 
CCHP System

Advanced Integration for CHP and 
CCHP Systems

Our platform seamlessly integrates with Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) systems, monitoring and monetizing the thermal energy generated. This capability allows asset managers to make data-driven decisions, improving the operational efficiency and environmental sustainability of these systems.

Asset Manager Energy Storage Optimization

Energy Storage Optimization

Agave’s analysis of energy storage algorithms accounts for fluctuating tariffs and changing usage patterns, ensuring that energy storage systems are optimally configured to meet current energy demands. This adaptability enhances the operational efficiency and economic viability of energy storage solutions.

By leveraging Agave Systems, Asset Managers are empowered to optimize microgrid assets effectively, ensuring peak performance, sustainability, and financial viability. Whether it’s enhancing CHP/CCHP operations, optimizing energy storage, or managing solar assets, Agave provides a holistic solution tailored to the dynamic needs of modern energy management.

Client Success Story

$85,000 in annual savings

By providing advanced monitoring and analytics, Agave enabled AEDG to uncover and correct a significant metering error, resulting in substantial financial recovery and ensuring the integrity of future data and asset performance.

Client Success Story - AEDG