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What is the Agave® Analytics Suite and how does it support energy management?

How does Agave® integrate with existing building management systems?

What type of data does the Agave® provide to users?

How does Agave® enhance energy management for individual equipment within a facility?

Can Agave® assist in managing onsite generation equipment like solar PV or energy storage systems?

What does Agave® offer for Scope 1 and Scope 2 goal tracking?

How does Agave® ensure the accuracy of data used in tracking Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions?

How does real-time monitoring from Agave® impact energy management decisions?

What are the benefits of the Agave® in terms of renewable energy integration?

Can Agave® predict future energy consumption and costs?

How does Agave® handle data security and user privacy?

What support does Agave® offer for setting and tracking energy efficiency goals?

How can users access and interact with their energy data on Agave®?

What training or onboarding is provided for new Agave® users?

Can Agave® identify anomalies or inefficiencies in energy consumption?

How does the Demand module help in managing peak demand charges?

What customization options does Agave® offer to fit specific business needs?

How does Agave® facilitate utility bill verification and auditing?

What is the process for integrating Agave® with other enterprise systems?

What is the future roadmap for Agave® in terms of new features or enhancements?