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Evolution™ Microgrid Controller

Experience unparalleled control and efficiency

Experience unparalleled control and efficiency with the Agave® Evolution™ Microgrid Controller, your ultimate solution for managing distributed generation assets. Our advanced system equips industrial settings with intelligent automation, seamlessly managing a diverse range of energy sources and prioritizing loads for optimal performance.

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Manages resource load for various operational scenarios, including standby, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply.

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Ensures voltage and frequency stabilization during grid outages, maintaining operational continuity.

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Efficiently handles and reports exporting capacity, optimizing energy distribution.

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Supports Rule 21 compliance and back-feeding capabilities for generators and batteries.

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Provides automated control for baseload operation of gas-fired distributed generation technologies.

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Delivers optimization recommendations for improved performance and energy cost arbitrage.

Microgrid Controller Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Offers a competitive solution for mid-market clients, enhancing ROI and reducing operational costs through lights-out operation.

Microgrid Controller System Integration

System Integration

Features an open architecture that complements and enhances your existing energy investments.

Microgrid Controller Cost Efficiency

Advanced Analytics

The Agave® supply module provides deep insights for operation optimization, enabling smart energy management decisions.



Ensures resilience during grid outages, safeguarding your enterprise’s energy continuity.

Microgrid Controller Comprehensive Control

Comprehensive Control

Deploys in over 100 sites, providing measurement, monitoring, and dispatch for various generation resources, including solar, energy storage, and gas turbines.

Microgrid Controller Reliability

Connectivity and Communication

Facilitates seamless interface with industrial computer systems via standard protocols and delivers crucial data to the Agave® cloud for effective monitoring and management.

Discover the future of intelligent energy management with the Agave® Evolution™ Microgrid Controller – your partner in achieving efficient, reliable, and optimized energy utilization.

Client Success Story

They have a proven track record, advanced controls, and comprehensive energy management capabilities as critical for the casino’s energy future. We’re confident that this choice not only aligns with our commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions but also sets a

New Standard for the industry

Microgrid Controller Success Story