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The unparalleled energy management solution

Agave® Systems delivers an unparalleled energy management solution that integrates utility bill tracking with sophisticated real-time analytics, propelling savings and bolstering sustainability. Our platform is meticulously crafted to meet the evolving needs of contemporary businesses, offering a harmonious blend of software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools and on-site control mechanisms to achieve peak energy management efficiency. The Agave® system’s architecture is designed to provide exhaustive tracking, analysis, and seamless integration of utility data, presenting a comprehensive overview and commanding control of your energy consumption.

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Utility Bill Tracking and Auditing

Dive into meticulous energy expenditure monitoring with our advanced utility bill tracking feature, enabling precise analysis and management of costs. This feature is complemented by our utility bill auditing service, which scrutinizes bills to identify and rectify any discrepancies, particularly with providers like PG&E,SCE, & SDG&E, ensuring you’re not overpaying and thus leading to significant savings.

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Real-Time Analytics

Agave® Systems harnesses the power of real-time analytics to provide immediate insights into your energy consumption, enabling a deeper understanding of usage patterns, trends, and potential inefficiencies. This instantaneous analysis allows businesses to make informed decisions swiftly, optimizing energy use and identifying cost-saving opportunities as they occur. By leveraging real-time data, organizations can adjust their energy strategies on the fly, ensuring they are always aligned with their efficiency and sustainability goals. The dynamic nature of Agave®‘s real-time analytics empowers businesses to stay ahead, responding proactively to any changes in their energy landscape.

Data Integration

Data Integration

Data integration is a cornerstone of the Agave® platform, ensuring a seamless flow of information from various sources to provide a comprehensive view of your energy ecosystem. By integrating distributed generation data through open standard APIs, Agave® offers an enterprise-level perspective of electricity usage, correlated with rate data. This holistic approach facilitates a nuanced understanding of energy dynamics, supporting strategic decision-making and operational optimization. The integration capabilities of Agave® Systems ensure that all pieces of the energy puzzle fit together, providing a coherent, actionable picture to drive efficiency and savings.

At Agave® Systems, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring you maximize the benefits of our energy management platform, achieving your goals for energy sustainability and efficiency. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to provide you with a detailed understanding and control over your energy usage, empowering your business to make informed decisions and achieve substantial savings while advancing your sustainability objectives.

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Custom Solutions and Energy Efficiency

Tailor-made to align with your unique requirements, our platform offers bespoke solutions that resonate with your energy management objectives. Through state-of-the-art data analysis and robust visualization tools, we transform complex data into actionable insights, empowering you to devise and implement strategies for energy efficiency and cost reduction.

Automation Control and Performance

Automation, Control, and Performance Monitoring

Elevate your energy systems’ efficiency with our automation and control features, reducing manual intervention and fostering consistent energy savings. Monitor key performance metrics and set up automatic alerts to stay informed of any deviations from your goals. Our real-time ROI monitoring for Distributed Generation (DG) technologies, including solar PV and Energy Storage, along with the performance tracking of existing Solar PV Systems, offers invaluable insights into their effectiveness and impact.

Comprehensive Service Offering

Comprehensive Service Offering

Our web-interface portal allows unlimited users to access utility data in 15-minute intervals for any facility, enhancing transparency and engagement. Alongside, we offer tools for creating alerts and instrumentation panels, helping you decipher energy usage and cost patterns. Agave® Analytics plays a pivotal role in identifying energy savings opportunities, while our automated energy data retrieval and analysis streamline your operations, enhancing staff productivity by eliminating manual data handling.

ESG Data Tracking and Reporting

ESG Data Tracking and Reporting

We are committed to supporting your public reporting needs, providing tools for tracking ESG data, including Energy Star Reporting, GHG Emission Reporting, Low Carbon Fuel Standard Credits, and Scope 1 and Scope 2 data reporting. This commitment ensures that your organization not only achieves energy efficiency and savings but also meets sustainability and regulatory benchmarks.