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Become a Trusted Advisor

During the project development phase, Agave Systems provides exceptional support by delivering ongoing feedback on equipment performance and the return on investment for projects. Its adaptable system architecture is designed for seamless integration with a variety of projects, aiding developers in designing and implementing energy solutions that are not only efficient and sustainable but also in line with the project’s objectives. This includes the tracking of renewable energy credits and low carbon fuel standard credits, offering a real-time, comprehensive view of asset performance.

Agave Systems acts as a pivotal tool within client accounts, especially given the lengthy sales cycles typical in project development. It enables business development teams to offer a unique perspective during client interactions. Rather than pressing clients on decision timelines, developers can discuss the repercussions of delaying decisions, especially when utility rates rise, which typically enhances the ROI of the current proposals.

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Collecting client usage data throughout the sales cycle establishes you as a trusted advisor and prepares the client to use Agave for ongoing measurement and verification post-project commissioning. Moreover, Agave assists in identifying unconsidered needs—challenges or opportunities the client may not be aware of that could impact their key business objectives.

Utilizing Agave helps developers demonstrate the value and urgency of investing now, altering the client’s perspective and contrasting the proposed solution against their current status quo. Since a significant portion of proposals may result in no decision due to a lack of perceived necessity for change, integrating Agave into the project development process can pivot the client’s viewpoint, showcasing the tangible benefits and prompting decisive action towards a more efficient and sustainable solution.

Client Success Story

$200 million in annual savings

The partnership between the client, Regatta Solutions, and Agave® Systems proved to be a successful endeavor in enhancing the energy efficiency of the manufacturing facility.

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