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Agave® Evolution ™ Version 3.0 Launch

Agave® Systems is excited to announce the launch of Evolution™ Version 3.0.

Agave® Evolution ™ Version 3.0 Features

Agave® Evolution™ is a cloud-based Energy as a Service (EaaS) solution that enables energy management by simplifying the continuous process. The EVOLUTION™ Dashboard monetizes energy usage patterns to help identify when reducing energy can generate the biggest savings for our client.

Agave® Evolution™ Key Benefits:

  • Real-Time
    Interval Data
  • Sustainability
  • Better
    Energy Management
  • Rate
    & Billing Auditing
  • Energy
    Star Benchmarking
  • Reduce
    Demand Charges
  • Microgrid
    Efficiency Analysis
  • Understand ROI on Energy

VERSION 3.0 now integrates the Demand Module providing clients a complete monitoring package from:

  • Demand Side Equipment Monitoring
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Real-Time Data Trends
  • Operating Costs
  • Efficiency Trends
  • Cogeneration Efficiency
  • Utility Rate Metrics

This information helps clients reduce costs by making improved operating decisions, schedule maintenance, identify efficiency improvement projects, and evaluate equipment’s end-of-life. Also included is Electric Utility Rate Metrics to help clients better understand rate schedules and operating schedules that minimize cost. These utility rate metrics include an Ideal Blended Electric Rate, Actual Blended Electric Rate, Annual Electric Rate Increases, and a simple graphical representation to visualize your Electric Rate Schedule. Improvements were made to the Cogeneration Efficiency metric to highlight electric and thermal efficiency to help clients pinpoint where improvements can be made in overall system efficiency as well as hold vendors accountable to meet equipment specifications.

We are hosting a webinar next Friday, December 14th at 10am PST. Join us as we share the latest version of our virtual energy manager. 

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