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6th Annual Demand Response and Distributed Energy Resources World Forum 2019

Agave® Systems’ CEO, Steve Acevedo, will be speaking at the 6th Annual Demand Response and Distributed Energy Resources World Forum 2019 in San Diego. He will be participating with the Green Button Alliance on a panel session on the “Innovations in DERMs”.

7th Annual Demand Response & DER World Forum

According to the site:

“Utilities around the world are under increasing pressure to accommodate energy efficiency, control load, and integrate distributed energy resources such as renewables. These factors plus an urgent need to control greenhouse gasses are driving new requirements for energy resiliency, sustainability, and power quality — all of which impact the traditional utility business case. For utilities to thrive in this changing market, they must embrace greater network agility and work with customers to maximize value for all stakeholders in the value chain.

The 6th Annual Demand Response & Distributed Energy Resources World Forum, October 16-17, 2019 in San Diego brings together stakeholders from across the DR / DER industry and internationally to examine the latest technology advances, case studies, and business strategies for optimizing demand response, energy efficiency, DER integration and control, and demand-side management programs. The event will help utilities and C&I end-users realize the full economic benefits of incorporating these capabilities into their operations and leveraging the next-generation smart grid to optimize performance.”

In attendance will be the following:

  • Large wholesale renewable energy generators — wind and solar
  • Energy professionals at municipal, investor-owned, and rural utilities
  • Energy managers at commercial and industrial end-user organizations
  • Regional transmission system operatorsCurtailment service providers
  • Building energy management (BEM) companies
  • Regulators and government policymakers
  • DR aggregators
  • IT and software providers
  • Smart grid technology providers and network operators
  • Communications network service providers and vendors
  • Financial and venture capital professionals
  • Consultants and system integratorsResearchers, analysts, and university professionals

Steve will be speaking on October 17th at 11:30am