About Agave

Our Story

Once upon a time……The base technology of the Evolution™ software was created at Regatta Solutions, the leading west coast developer of combined heat and power projects. The impetus of the original Regatta Energy Management System was to provide clients and Regatta with early alerts on gas turbine failures.  “In those early days our system simply helped us provide responsive service to our clients,” said Steve Acevedo founder of Regatta. These alerts allowed the Regatta team to respond remotely to reset faults and or provide feedback on parts to bring along on a service call. 

As time went on this simple alert system grew into a balance of plant control system becoming a premier solution to operate a microgrid. Features that helped clients dispatch cogeneration, solar and energy storage seamlessly established it as a core offering for Regatta. “We realized that we were in the right spot to help midmarket clients operate their central plants with an easy to use and affordable solution”, said Mark Gilbreth Regatta Principal and CTO.

The challenge, however, was that clients continually questioned how much they were saving particularly when they dealt with equipment maintenance costs. The Regatta team immediately saw an opportunity to help clients rationalize the continued investment in operating maintenance cost of their energy projects, but also to help clients assess the financial viability of their investments.

Thus, the seed was planted for Agave® Evolution™.


Mission and Vision

To empower our clients with resources to better manage their energy through education, advisory, reporting, and savings. To be the global energy management expert.