Agave Systems Mentioned in CEC Report

Both Agave Systems and Regatta Solutions are mentioned in the 2019 report called “A Comprehensive Assessment of Small Combined Heat and Power Technical and Market Potential in California”. The report was compiled from a study that identified, characterized, and assessed combined heat and power (CHP) technologies and applications in California. This assessment found economically viable applications, including the systems and platforms supplied by Regatta Solutions and Agave Systems. Many of the case studies used for the report are Regatta installed clients. Out of these clients, many are using Agave Systems for their energy management and utility bill management.

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Forester Media: Distributed Energy Guest Blog Post

CEO and Founder of Agave® Systems, Steven Acevedo, discusses Empowering Mid-Market Business: Considerations for Implementing a Commercial Microgrid. Check it out here:

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Agave® Systems‘ Steve Acevedo and Mark Gilbreth discuss Mitigating Demand Charges Through Energy Management in Distributed Energy’s Laura Sanchez Editor’s Blog. Check it out here:

Agave® Systems’ CEO, Steve Acevedo, comments on HBR article

CEO, Steve Acevedo comments about this Havard Business Review article on Energy Strategy for the C-Suite. “An oldie but goody and still very relevant. The authors provide thought leadership on 5 steps regarding choices companies can make about energy sourcing and consumption that can profoundly influence cost structure. We see these initiatives play out within our clients who deploy Agave®Evolution™ as a framework for integrating the discussion and optimization of energy usage into the organization. Providing real-time data that can be tracked at all levels with measured performance to drive costs down helps provide linkage to the company’s vision and operations. The tracking capabilities allow the C-level mandate to become executable reality. Performance analytics along with the Microgrid Tool allows for quick due diligence on the economics of renewables, energy storage and combined heat and power technologies. The tool provides the necessary bridge between finance and operations to engage all key stakeholders empowering the company.” Visit our website for more information: and check out our service satisfaction guarantee!

Distributed Energy: Managing the Microgrid Article

Agave® Systems featured in Distributed Energy magazine. Click here to see Agave® Systems’ CEO, Steve Acevedo, speaking about the future in energy management and how there are limited offerings in the industry. He discusses the Agave® Evolution product allows customers of any size to manage and control their energy.