What do we need to provide Agave® to set up the system?

Agave® Systems will need access to your Utility accounts, we can work with you to establish a connection via Green Button, Data Sharing, or your online account.

Is there any hardware installed?

No hardware is needed to begin at most facilities. If your facility is in need of a Smart-Meter/hardware to begin monitoring, we will work with your utility company to see if you qualify for a free upgrade.

How long does it take to implement?

From the day we gain access to your Utility interval data until we turn over your account and begin training you and your staff on how to navigate the Agave® Analytics Suite. Our client turnaround time is typically 7-10 business days.

What if my company has multiple meters?

We work with many companies that have multiple meters. Depending on your companies energy savings goals will determine which meters will be best to monitor. We always recommend monitoring your largest meter first, we can always add more meters on to your account later.

Does the Agave® Team help determine or highlight issues?

Yes, your assigned Agave® Energy Management Representative will contact your team monthly to review the previous months data and any issues/areas for improvement.

Your Agave® Energy Management Representative will also assist you in setting monthly and annual spend goals so that you can be notified via email when you are on or off track of these goals.

When will I start to see savings in my energy costs?

Our 100% Guarantee to our clients means Agave® Systems Inc. proudly stands behind the performance of our products and services, and we are certain that you will be satisfied.  We guarantee that within the first 90-days of service, we will be able to identify more energy savings than the annual price you were offered for the Analytics facility subscription.

If Agave® Systems Inc. cannot identify the minimum energy savings opportunities within the first 90-days of service, the client is provided 30 days to request a refund of the money paid for the Analytics facility subscription.  A client’s first 90-days will begin the first day that Agave® Systems Inc. is provided credentials to access to your utility account(s).

We provide this guarantee to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with our products and services.

How will I be notified of issues?

When we begin orientation of your account we will determine who will be the best points of contact to reach at your organization so they can be notified via email of issues as they arise, so action can be taken immediately.

How do I know what system to purchase?

To begin, all clients will need the Agave® Analytics Suite module to get started. We have designed two Add-On modules with additional features whose benefits you can see here. Still not sure what your facility needs, email us directly at sales@agavesi.com or call us direct at (866) 532-6723 because we are always here to help.