Our Solution

Agave® is Your Solution

Agave® brings current utility rate information together with real-time energy usage data to provide C&I customers with the metrics, trends, and notifications that support informed decision-making.

The system’s automated delivery of reliable, up-to-date energy metrics helps bridge the gap between operations and finance data to better manage energy costs and optimize plant performance. The cloud-based SaaS solution is hosted on Amazon Web Services to provide clients with secure, continuous access to their data.

The integration of energy data and utility rate schedules offers clients up-to-date energy cost information and allows for continuous auditing. The system provides constant feedback on equipment performance and investment payback on projects, while the open system architecture allows it to be used independently or combined with an existing Agave® Evolution™ and/or plant control system/SCADA system.

Agave® Systems provides insightful tools that can help manage and optimize a company’s energy spend, reduce costs, and improve operational resiliency.