Key Benefits

Real-Time Interval Data

The Agave® Analytics Suite presents real-time data and analytics on how much your energy usage is costing you, so you do not have to waiting for your utility bill to arrive before you find out.

In addition, it will track all your utilities, including gas, electric, and solar to give you a clear picture of what it is costing to operate your environment against ever-changing utility rates.

Sustainability Reporting

Agave® Analytics Suite allows you to make sustainability a competitive advantage. With easy, anytime up-to-date reports, you will be able to easily comply with reporting requirements like Energy Star®, Greenhouse Gas, and Energy Information Administration and communicate your company’s commitment to a greener world.

Better Energy Management

With Agave®, you will be able to dramatically impact your organization’s financial and sustainability performance by increasing your energy efficiency. Most of our clients are able to achieve substantial savings (30% or greater) on their energy costs.

The Agave® Analytics Suite shows you where you are losing money across your systems, then provides actionable energy insights, not just data.

In fact, our SaaS platform is the only solution that integrates all utility systems and onsite generation in one place for concise analysis and control. If you spend more than $10,000 a month on energy, a one-year subscription to the Evolution software system could pay for itself in less than one month.

Rate & Billing Auditing

Managing accurate billing from the utilities doesn’t have to be a manual, hit-or-miss exercise. Agave®'s AI engine automates the rate auditing process, empowering organizations to check overages, identify invoice errors and find refund opportunities in your energy portfolio.

Our predictive analytics give you the power to diagnose, learn, plan and problem solve. That equals money in the bank!

Energy Star Benchmarking

The adage “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” certainly rings true when it comes to Energy Star reporting. Agave®'s software can act as an online benchmarking tool that helps track and measure your utility consumption. The bottom line: achieving and maintaining an ENERGY STAR certification will help you use less energy, minimize your carbon footprint, and reduce your energy expenses.

Reduce Demand Charges

Do not let demand charges bust your budget! Our software will help you save energy when it’s most expensive. Agave’s® AI engine in Evolution™ will identify your top demand days and identify cost-saving alternatives.

Microgrid Efficiency Analysis

Get the most bang for your buck out of your energy investments. With Agave®, you’ll be able to monitor and analyze your microgrid, so you can maximize your economic return.

Understand ROI on Energy Projects

If you are not sure what level of ROI you are getting out of your energy projects, you are not alone. With Agave®, you’ll be able to prove the effectiveness of energy efficiency projects with easy audits. Powerful insights from the Agave® software give you an integrated view of your electricity, gas efficiency, water efficiency, and energy storage in one clear picture.

Even better, you will get a monthly call with a specialist that will help you review analytics and look for opportunities to reduce your energy footprint.