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The client, a family-owned manufacturing firm in the farming industry, has been at the forefront of farming innovations since the early 1950s. The company emphasizes sustainable practices such as in-house organic feed, cage-free hens, recycling materials and water, planting trees, composting, and utilizing cogeneration systems. While committed to sustainability, they sought to better track energy costs, usage, and manage their distributed generation to enhance their sustainable story.


To address their energy management concerns, the client decided to employ the use of Agave® Analytics Suite to monitor their facilities’ energy usage, including the three cogeneration systems and the Carport and Roof Mount PV Systems. The Agave® Supply Module was also implemented to manage their existing cogeneration system. The objective was to optimize their energy management, track performance, provide valuable ROI information, and identify potential inconsistencies or inefficiencies in their utility billing.

After onboarding Agave® Analytics Suite, the software was able to detect demand charge inconsistencies in the utility bill. Through a thorough analysis of the data, Agave® discovered mischarges amounting to $95,000. The company was able to present these findings to the utility provider, leading to the recovery of the mischarged amount.

One key aspect of Agave Systems is the ability to funnel real-time utility data directly to clients, making it easy to relate energy usage to cost. In this case, the immediacy and accuracy of the data prevented the client from paying nearly $100,000 more than they should have.

We now have an advocate watching over our utility bills. Agave® identified erroneous charges generating a credit of $95K.

Key Features of Agave® Analytics Suite:

  1. 1

    Comprehensive energy usage monitoring and management.

  2. 2

    Real-time data analytics for informed decision-making and enhanced performance.

  3. 3

    Detection of billing inconsistencies and mischarges.

  4. 4

    Immediate access to real-time utility data for clients.

  5. 5

    Monitoring of cogeneration systems and PV Systems to track performance and provide valuable ROI information.


Chino Valley Ranchers achieved the following results using Agave® Analytics Suite:

  1. 1

    Identification of demand charge inconsistencies in their utility bill.

  2. 2

    Recovery of $95,000 in mischarges from the utility company after submitting the findings.

  3. 3

    Prevention of nearly $100,000 in overpayments due to the immediacy and accuracy of real- time data.

  4. 4

    Enhanced performance tracking and ROI analysis for their cogeneration systems and PV Systems.


The implementation of Agave® Analytics Suite led to the successful detection of demand charge inconsistencies in their utility bill, improved performance tracking, and valuable ROI information for their energy systems. The company was able to recover $95,000 in mischarges, demonstrating the effectiveness of the Agave® platform in optimizing energy management and identifying potential inefficiencies in utility billing. The real-time data provided by Agave Systems played a crucial role in preventing the client from overpaying on their utility bill. This case study highlights the importance of utilizing advanced energy analytics solutions to monitor and manage energy usage, ultimately leading to significant cost savings and improved operational efficiency for businesses committed to sustainability.