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AEDG, a leader in clean energy projects, faced a challenge with one of their Special Purpose Entities (SPE). The asset was initially valued based on theoretical outputs from their solar design tool, which did not align with its actual performance.


The discrepancy in performance valuation posed a risk of overpaying the SPE owner by more than $120,000 during the asset divestiture process. This misalignment could impact the return on investment (ROI) and the financial integrity of the transaction.


Agave’s advanced monitoring technology was deployed to provide accurate and real-time data on the solar asset’s performance. This technology played a crucial role in the true-up negotiation after the first year, allowing for a precise assessment of the asset’s actual performance.


  1. 1

    The integration of Agave’s technology corrected the valuation of the solar asset, aligning it with its real performance rather than theoretical outputs.

  2. 2

    The accurate tracking and data analysis by Agave saved AEDG over $120,000 in potential overpayments to the SPE owner.

  3. 3

    Prevention of nearly $100,000 in overpayments due to the immediacy and accuracy of real- time data.

  4. 4

    The case affirmed the asset’s ROI, reinforcing the value of accurate performance tracking in asset management and financial planning.


Agave’s monitoring technology not only provides critical data accuracy for performance tracking but also serves as an essential tool in financial negotiations and asset management, ensuring that investments are grounded in real-world performance data.