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Education – School District

$17,600 saved


The subject of this case study has been a client of Agave® Systems since 2018. After conducting an analysis through the Agave® Systems Analytics Suite, it was discovered that inconsistent cogeneration operation led to high demand charges and missed opportunities for energy savings. The client and Agave® Systems reviewed the utility usage, identifying an annual savings potential of $16,198. The client implemented a recommended strategy using manual cogeneration operation.


To address the challenges faced by the School District (Client) and maximize energy savings, the following solutions were implemented:

  1. 1

    Automatic Smart Cogeneration Dispatching Controls: The introduction of automatic smart cogeneration dispatching controls eliminates the need for manual operation and optimizes the overall operation of the cogeneration system. By automating the dispatching process, the client ensures that the system operates at its most efficient capacity, reducing energy waste and improving overall performance.

  2. 2

    Mitigation of Key Demand Periods: A significant focus was placed on mitigating demand during the critical hours of 4 PM to 9 PM. By strategically managing facility demand and addressing high energy electric charges during these peak periods, the client can reduce peak demand charges and minimize overall energy costs. Agave® Systems provides real- time monitoring and intelligent dispatching capabilities to ensure that the cogeneration system operates efficiently during these key demand periods.


The implementation of Agave® Systems and the recommended strategy resulted in significant energy savings and cost reduction for the School District:

  1. 1

    Application Paid for Itself: The energy-saving measures and strategies implemented by the client using Agave® Systems Analytics Suite resulted in a payback period of 3.7 months. This indicates that the cost of the application was recouped through the achieved energy savings within a relatively short timeframe.

  2. 2

    Energy Savings: By optimizing cogeneration operation and addressing key demand periods, EMCSD achieved an energy savings of $17,600, representing a decrease of 22.3% in electric costs.

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    Energy Usage: Through the implementation of Agave® Systems and the recommended strategy, the client successfully reduced energy usage by 31.6%. This reduction in energy consumption contributed to the significant cost savings achieved.


The School District’s partnership with Agave® Systems and the implementation of the recommended energy-saving strategies resulted in substantial benefits. By optimizing cogeneration operation and addressing key demand periods, the client achieved a significant reduction in electric costs, energy usage, and realized annual savings of $17,600. The payback period for the application was also relatively short, demonstrating the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the implemented strategies. The success of this case study highlights the importance of utilizing advanced energy management solutions like Agave® Systems Analytics Suite to drive energy savings, reduce costs, and optimize operational efficiency in educational institutions.