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Facilities Management

$95,000 saved


Starting in the early 1950s, this family owned business has been at the forefront of farming innovations such as in-house organic feed, cage-free hens, and sustainable practices.

Our sister company, Regatta Solutions, installed a cogeneration system in 2018 and uses the Agave Controller to operate it. A year later, Agave Systems was fully integrated.

Chino Valley Ranchers recycles materials and water, plants trees, composts, and has co-gen, but they needed a way to manage their energy usage and relate it to their seemingly fortuitous utility bills.


Chino Valley Ranchers employed the use of Agave® Analytics Suite to monitor their facilities’ energy usage, as well as the Agave® Supply Module to manage their existing cogeneration system. Shortly after onboarding, we identified inconsistencies in demand charges applied to their utility bill totaling up to $95,000 in mischarges, which was returned by the utility company after submitting our findings.

We now have an advocate watching over our utility bills. Agave® identified erroneous charges generating a credit of $95K.


  1. 1

    $95,000 saved

  2. 2

    Client Awareness – Know what your utility rate should be.

  3. 3

    Utility Tracking –Monitor your energy use without waiting for the bill.


Agave Systems funnels real time utility data directly to our clients as to easily relate energy usageto cost. In this case, the immediacy and accuracy of our data prevented Chino Valley Ranchers from paying almost one hundred thousand dollars more than they should have.