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$50,000 in yearly savings


A medical and healthcare facility sought a solution to reduce utility electric costs and improve efficiency in their operations. They had a Combined Cooling Heating and Power (CCHP) System installed by Regatta Solutions to provide on-site generation and reduce reliance on the utility grid. However, they faced challenges in monitoring system performance and ensuring compliance with efficiency requirements.


Agave® Systems deployed an on-site EVOLUTION Controller, integrated with their cloud-based Virtual Energy Manager software package, to analyze the CCHP system’s performance. The controller enabled the integration of on-site metering equipment and provided alerts and notifications to identify efficiency issues and non-compliance with program requirements. The Virtual Energy Manager software tracked key metrics and facilitated performance analytics.

I have two control screens in my Central Plant – my building management systems provides alerts on equipment problems that need to be fixed, my EVOLUTION™ dashboard provides alerts on energy savings opportunities.

Efren Covarrubias, Central Plant Manager.


The implementation of Agave® Systems resulted in the following outcomes for this case study:

  1. 1

    Successful SGIP Incentive Payment: With the assistance of the on-site EVOLUTION™ Controller and Virtual Energy Manager software, they were able to meet the requirements for the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). They achieved 50% of their incentive payment for year two and were on track to receive the full payment for year three.

  2. 2

    Improved Performance Monitoring: The EVOLUTION™ Controller and Virtual Energy Manager software provided real-time monitoring and alerts on equipment performance and energy savings opportunities. This allowed the Central Plant Manager to address equipment problems promptly and identify energy-saving opportunities.

  3. 3

    Bridge Between Facilities Managers and CFOs: Agave® Systems acted as a bridge between Facilities Managers and CFOs, providing both operational and financial benefits. The software tools and controller enabled comprehensive monitoring, intelligent dispatch of engines, data acquisition, and performance analytics, allowing both operational and financial objectives to be met.


Agave® Systems, with its Analytics Suite, Supply Module, and EVOLUTION™ Controller, played a crucial role in helping achieve cost savings and meet efficiency requirements. The implementation of the on-site controller and cloud-based software allowed for real-time monitoring, alerts, and performance analytics of the CCHP system. By bridging the gap between Facilities Managers and CFOs, Agave® Systems provided a comprehensive solution for managing the cogeneration system, optimizing energy usage, and meeting operational and financial objectives.