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$60,000 in yearly savings


The client encountered challenges with their 12-year-old Combined Heating and Power (CHP) system. They needed new controls to ensure efficiency, measure on-site generation output, and a notification system for system performance issues. The client focuses on value creation, operational excellence, and maximizing asset performance.

Addressing Unconsidered Needs:

Agave® Systems identified and addressed unconsidered needs, such as real-time economic reporting, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) like system efficiency, Greenhouse Gas reduction, and financial metrics. By addressing these needs, the solution aligned with Tamarack Capital Partners’ objectives, providing a more comprehensive energy management solution that contributes to operational excellence and asset optimization.


Agave® Systems deployed their on-site EVOLUTIONTM Controller, which integrated on-site metering equipment with the cloud-based Virtual Energy Manager software package. This allowed the hotel to analyze system performance, identify low-efficiency performance, receive alerts for corrective action, and obtain economic justification for system improvements. As a result, the client achieved annual cost savings of over $60,000 through demand charge avoidance and thermal energy savings.

The Agave® Systems solution provided the client with management control of their cogeneration systems, offering real-time economic reporting on the actual utility cost of each component, and tracking KPIs and financial metrics, improving system efficiency and utility savings.


  1. 1

    Enhanced monitoring and control of cogeneration systems using advanced technical analysis, supporting focus on value creation.

  2. 2

    Real-time economic reporting on utility costs, addressing an unconsidered need and aligning with emphasis on operational excellence.

  3. 3

    Improved system efficiency and utility savings through intelligent dispatch of engines and thermal energy production, driven by KPIs and financial metrics.

  4. 4

    Alert notifications for equipment failure or underperformance, allowing for quick corrective action based on data-driven insights, contributing to asset optimization.

  5. 5

    Annual cost savings of over $60,000 through demand charge avoidance and thermal energy savings, because of effective KPI tracking and technical optimization.


Agave® Systems successfully addressed the client’s infrastructure challenges and unconsidered needs, aligning with their objectives for value creation, operational excellence, and asset performance. The solution improved cogeneration system efficiency, enabled real-time economic reporting, provided alert notifications for equipment issues, and incorporated KPIs and financial metrics for better decision-making. By optimizing the performance of the cogeneration systems, the hotel achieved significant annual cost savings and improved their overall energy management strategy, demonstrating the effectiveness of advanced energy analytics solutions in the hospitality industry.