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Manufacturing/Plastics Packaging

$35,000 in Monthly Savings


The client operates in the plastics packaging industry. As part of their operations, they utilize a cogeneration system to generate electricity and improve energy efficiency. The client sought a solution to optimize their energy management, reduce costs, and gain better visibility into utility expenses.


The client implemented Agave® Analytics Suite and Agave® Evolution Controller, which provide energy management software services. These tools offer real-time data analytics, enabling FDS to monitor and analyze their utility costs effectively. The Agave® Evolution On-site controller provides automated controls and alerts specifically for the cogeneration system.

We have complete redundancy in our auxiliary systems and produce electricity cheaper than Southern California Edison. The Agave power control system integrates the systems,” he says, “driving saving approximately $35,000 monthly with the cogeneration system


The implementation of Agave® Systems led to several positive outcomes for the client:

  1. 1

    Understanding How to Reduce and Manage Demand Charges: The client achieved annual savings of $36,000 by gaining a better understanding of how to reduce and manage demand charges. The real-time data analytics and insights provided by Agave® Systems likely helped client identify opportunities to optimize their energy usage and minimize peak demand.

  2. 2

    Performance Optimization of Cogeneration System: By utilizing the Agave® Evolution On-site controller, the client successfully optimized the operation of their cogeneration system. This optimization resulted in savings of $74,000, indicating improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their energy generation process.

  3. 3

    Real-Time Utility Bill Analytics, Auditing, and Managing Chilling Environment: Agave® Systems provided the client with real-time utility bill analytics and the ability to audit and manage their chilling environment. This capability resulted in a monthly productivity gain of $500 by ensuring optimal energy usage and cost management.


By implementing Agave® Systems, the client achieved significant cost savings and improved energy management practices. The real-time data analytics, automated controls, and alerts provided by Agave® Analytics Suite and Agave® Evolution Controller enabled FDS to optimize their energy usage, reduce demand charges, and enhance the performance of their cogeneration system. The ability to monitor utility costs in real-time, audit bills, and manage their chilling environment led to increased productivity and cost efficiency. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of Agave® Systems in the plastics packaging industry and showcases the potential benefits of advanced energy management solutions in reducing costs and improving operations for manufacturing companies.