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Oil & Gas


The client, a prominent player in the oil and gas sector, faced challenges with the underreporting of Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits, which affected their revenue and compliance reporting.


Accurate reporting and maximization of LCFS credits were crucial for the client. Discrepancies in meter readings led to significant financial discrepancies, underestimating credits worth over $75,000.


Agave® Analytics was implemented to enhance the precision of production measurements. The solution provided real-time data analytics, which corrected the inaccuracies in meter readings, ensuring that all LCFS credits were accurately captured and reported.


  1. 1

    Financial Impact: The application of Agave® Analytics enabled the client to reclaim over $75,000 in previously lost LCFS credits.

  2. 2

    Operational Efficiency: By integrating Agave’s consulting services, the client benefitted from extended support beyond typical software capabilities, aiding in various projects including gas turbine retro-commissioning.

  3. 3

    Strategic Benefits: Agave’s tools assisted in meeting environmental reporting requirements and supporting the client’s energy reduction initiatives, aligning with ROI targets and sustainable practices.


Agave Systems’ engagement with the Oil and Gas Company showcases the critical role of accurate data analytics in enhancing financial and operational performance. Agave’s technology not only ensures compliance with environmental standards but also supports strategic business decisions, fostering sustainable growth and operational efficiency.