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Project Development

$200,000,000 in yearly savings


Regatta Solutions, a provider of smart power energy solutions, faced the challenge of optimizing their sales process and uncovering hidden opportunities within their service accounts.


The primary challenge was to identify and leverage unconsidered needs within their client base – needs that clients were either unaware of or had not prioritized, which is a critical aspect of enhancing customer value and driving business growth.


Regatta Solutions integrated Agave’s comprehensive energy management tools into their sales framework. Agave’s solutions, which combine utility bill tracking with real-time analytics, provided Regatta with the insights needed to uncover these unconsidered needs, offering a collaborative platform for executing best practice energy management.


  1. 1

    The adoption of Agave’s technology enabled Regatta Solutions to unlock potential project opportunities worth over $200 million. This extensive deployment across managed service accounts delivered cost-justifying insights, enhancing Regatta’s service revenue.

  2. 2

    By identifying and addressing unconsidered needs, Agave’s technology contributed significantly to Regatta’s business growth, demonstrating a tangible impact on their revenue and market positioning.


The strategic integration of Agave’s solutions into Regatta’s sales framework not only identified unexploited opportunities but also played a pivotal role in transforming their approach to client engagement and service delivery, underlining the importance of recognizing and addressing unconsidered needs in driving business success.