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R&D Facility

$81,600 in Yearly Savings


The client operates in the research and development industry and utilizes various systems, including cogeneration, building management systems (BMS), HVAC, and lighting. The company sought a solution to optimize energy usage, reduce costs, and improve overall energy efficiency.


The client implemented Agave® Analytics, Supply, and Demand modules provided by Agave® Systems. These modules enabled the monitoring and analysis of daily utility consumption and costs. The platform allowed for historical data comparison, facilitating year- over-year and month-over-month evaluations.


The implementation of Agave® Systems yielded the following positive results for the client:

  1. 1

    Baseline BMS Usage and Cost Savings: By utilizing the Agave® Analytics module, client was able to identify baseline usage and achieve cost savings from 2018 to 2019. The platform provided insights into energy consumption patterns, enabling the company to make informed decisions and implement energy-saving measures.

  2. 2

    Electric Utility Rate Tracking and Cost Forecasting: Agave® Systems allowed the client to track changes in electric utility rates. This feature provided the ability to forecast utility costs accurately, helping the company plan and budget effectively.

  3. 3

    Improved Cogeneration Efficiency and Savings: The implementation of Agave® Systems facilitated improved efficiency and cost savings in the cogeneration system. The platform’s findings suggested running gas turbines for continuous baseline power and installing a photovoltaic system to meet daytime demand. By optimizing the operation of the cogeneration system, YTCA America achieved enhanced energy efficiency and reduced utility costs.

  4. 4

    Identification of Energy Efficiency Improvements: Agave® Systems enabled the client to identify areas for energy efficiency improvements. By setting goals within the system, the company was able to reduce usage and costs, contributing to overall energy savings.


The client successfully utilized Agave® Systems’ Analytics, Supply, and Demand modules to optimize energy management, reduce costs, and improve energy efficiency. The platform’s daily utility consumption and cost monitoring capabilities provided valuable insights into usage patterns and allowed for effective cost management based on current tariffs. By leveraging the findings and analytics provided by Agave® Systems, the client implemented energy-saving measures and achieved significant cost savings. This case study highlights the effectiveness of Agave® Systems in the research and development industry, showcasing the benefits of advanced energy management solutions in reducing costs and improving energy efficiency.